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Searching for Jarod/Sydney fics... (I hope this is allowed)

This community looks a bit deserted, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Does anyone know any links for Jarod/Sydney fics? I have googled my way through the Internet and haven't found a single fic. I'm totally obsessed and starting to get desperate here. Any rating is fine. It doesn't even have to be slash, I just want Jarod and Sydney to be the two main characters. Or am I really the only person in the world who loves this pairing?

Someone please be my hero!

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Have you ever read any of MMB's fic? She writes an *amazing* Sydney. Archived HERE.
I'll definitely check those out. Thank you so much!
Seconding that, though you may wish to try her personal site; she has a lot of fanfics there only and nowhere else, and some of those are simply amazing!

Other than that, can't think of any off the top of my head; I notice more of the Sydney/Miss Parker relationship (he is more of a father to her than anyone else is, and I love it).
Thank you for the link!

The Sydney/Miss Parker relationship is also very interesting. Sydney is definitely my favourite character, so I'm willing to read pretty much anything Sydney centered.
The other writer I can think of that does some great Sydney stuff is The Lurker at Missing Pieces. I don't have a link offhand, but a search for it should turn up the site (a more or less central Pretender fanfic archive), and The Lurker has a lot of amazing shorts that really delve into Sydney and his relationship with others.
The Lurker's fics look very promising. Thank you so much! You're an absolute dear. :)
I went looking for Jarod/Sydney fics after someone requested one from me, and yeah... Slim pickins. However, now I've written one to add to the internet. Long live Jarod and Sydney!