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The Things She Knows (Gen Future-Fic)

A/N: If anyone actually reads this I'd love some feedback. I think I might continue this, but I'm not really sure if there's an audience for something like this. Either way, be it positive or negative I'd love to hear thoughts.
Disclaimer: If you recognize it then I don't own it. Nor am I claiming ownership. You could sue, but really is my DvD collection and a Great Adventure pen really worth all that trouble? You can totally have the pen.

Fandom: The Pretender
Title: The Things She Knows
Characters/Pairings: Sydney, Lyle, Broots, Raines, Angelo, (Implied Jarod/Parker)
Genre: Drama, Possible AU
Rating: Gen

Summary: She isn’t sure of much. Though there are things she knows. They just never realized how much.

(and on...)

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