antique skies. (antiqueskies) wrote in pretenderfic,
antique skies.

Fic: Expecting Sympathy From the Wounded, 1/1, PG-13

title: Expecting Sympathy From the Wounded
author: chopsticks (antiqueskies)
rating: PG-13
character(s): Mr. Lyle
pairing(s): n/a
spoilers: Nothing specific; Lyle's backstory as presented in "Crash".
time line: Post-Island of the Haunted. Resides in the same universe as my story, The Remainder. You don't have to read that one first to understand this one.
author's note: Gift!Fic for melanie_anne. She prompted me with: The Pretender, Lyle, sweet and sour. Also fits fanfic100 prompt #024: family. I always wanted to write about Lyle's relationship with his adoptive parents, and now I finally have! Dark and depressing, but he doesn't kill and/or eat anyone in this one, so it's pretty tame. ;)

There's no one left to mourn her except her incarcerated husband and her dead son.
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